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"Tim has been a dream mandolin teacher!  He is prepared for lessons and keeps my son challenged and moving ahead.  Love what I hear coming out of my son’s mandolin!"

Kelly M., Seattle, WA

"A year ago I could read music but could not play a chord or accompany anyone to save my life.   Now, I am leading gypsy-jazz jams, improvising and playing chordal backing - and I can't help but grin from ear to ear! 

Amanda Schrader, Manchester, NH

"As a practicing professional musician, Tim's playing is phenomenal.  He also spent many years as a school music teacher, so he can actually translate what he is doing into terms that I can understand, and he can explain all the whys."

Steve Tufte, Portland, OR

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  • Have you learned a bunch of songs on the internet but can’t seem to make them work at jams?
  • Would you like to play your songs up to speed with greater accuracy?
  • Do you wish you could play more cool stuff at jams besides just strumming chords?
  • Would you like to move beyond Bluegrass and learn to play Jazz, Irish music, Klezmer, Brazilian choro, the Blues, the Beatles, Tom Petty (and more!) on your mandolin?
  • Or are you brand new to the mandolin and just want to join the fun?

Hi There!

I’m Tim Connell.  Welcome to Tim’s Mando Lessons.  I’m so happy you stopped by to check it out!

Music has been my life’s work, and more than half of it has been focused on the mandolin. 

Study at the New England Conservatory of Music led to a diverse performing and teaching career.  I’ve played with Mike Marshall, David Grisman, Radim Zenkl, Don Julin, Dudu Maia and Trio Brasileiro, Eric Skye and many other great musicians from all over the world.

Boost Your Jamming Skills

  • Play the most popular tunes in each genre
  • Practice your songs with Play-Along videos to prepare for the jams
  • Be able to "count in" songs for your group
  • Learn proper accompaniment for a variety of musical styles
  • Get to know the secrets of form and jam etiquette for a variety of styles

It can be very frustrating to learn a bunch of songs at home, but then you get to the jam and you're not quite sure how to fit in, when to play, what to play.

At Tim's Mando Lessons, our top goal is to get you playing with other musicians.  Our songs are divided into genres or "jams".

Along with the sheet music and lesson videos and playalongs for each jam, you'll also get jam etiquette and accompaniment tips for that style.

Play Mandolin More Musically

  • Create a full, rich sound so everything you play is more beautiful
  • Play faster tempos with greater accuracy
  • Play tremolo with effortless fluidity so your music flows
  • Learn how to count off tunes at jams so you can join in the fun
  • Understand music theory so you can play more confidently
  • Learn the secrets of how to improvise

Even if you’ve been playing mando for awhile, faulty right-hand technique has likely been holding back your tone, groove and speed.

At Tim’s Mando Lessons, the Right Hand Core Skills unit enables you to finally learn proper right hand technique.  Learn to pick with the ease and fluidity you’ve always dreamed of.  Hear vast improvements to your tone and technique!

Your ears already understand music theory - it’s simply the sounds of all your favorite music.  At Tim’s Mando Lessons, the Music Theory Core Skills lessons simply gives names to all of these beautiful sounds you love so much.  True musical understanding is the secret to effortless music-making.

Join a Vibrant Community of Mandolin Players

“Learning Mandolin is More Fun with Friends!!”

A central feature at Tim’s Mando Lessons is COMMUNITY.

Reach out and meet your fellow mandolin players, talk shop and help each other on your respective mandolin journeys.

Never even picked up an instrument before?  At Tim’s Mando Lessons, you’ll be picking along with the community of learners in a few weeks.

You’ll get to know me and your fellow mando players at the Live Weekly Q&A!

And in the Community Forum, you can always get a quick answer to your questions - and make new friends as well!

You’ll learn how to play along in time with other musicians from your very first note.  Tim’s Mando Lessons’ fun, step-by-step Practice-Along Videos get you playing beautiful music right away.

Practice More Efficiently to Improve Faster

Do you crave a more organized approach to practicing mandolin?

•Do you wish someone could just tell you what to practice this week?

•Has your mandolin playing reached a "plateau"?

•Only have twenty minutes to practice each day?

•Want to make the most of this valuable time?

When you learn the secrets of effective practice, you'll see more of the results you're looking for. 

Most students want to get lost in their practice.  To enjoy making beautiful music on their mandolin. They know it takes work and they are motivated to practice.  

But with a million things to learn, it can turn into an overwhelming chore, not a hobby.  My students have requested an organized approach to learning the mandolin.  

Tim’s Mando Lessons start off at the most basic level, incrementally adding each new skill. One at a time and in the proper order.

At Tim’s Mando Lessons you will have access to a large and ever-growing variety of individual courses.  And a vast library of repertoire in sheet music and tablature.

But the site is not a mere “dumping ground” of unconnected lessons and overwhelming exercises.  Our Core Skills programs in Right Hand technique and Music Theory are the centerpiece of your work at Tim’s Mando Lessons.  This program offers you a clear path forward to success.

With a methodical approach, you can make steady progress, whatever level you are starting from.


Tim’s Mando Lessons starts each new skill at the most basic level. It assumes no prior knowledge on your part.

The program begins with a careful presentation of Core Skills in the primer level.  Then you will learn to play well-known pieces of music.  First with simplified rhythms and melodies.  Only once you learn the basics do we add complexity.  Only one new concept at a time. 

Every lesson features custom-made practice-along videos which have been proven to help you learn faster with no extra effort.

…And You’ll Learn to Play with Others…




If you have already been playing mandolin, Tim’s Mando Lessons is the perfect place for you!

Most Intermediate and even some Advanced students have acquired bad habits and often have significant gaps in their knowledge of music theory.  These gaps and habits prevent you from progressing musically, particularly when it comes to learning other styles of music or playing up to speed.

By removing bad habits and finally learning about music theory, you’ll blast through your current “plateau” and play with ease!

Level up your mandolin playing with Tim’s Mando Lessons!


For the Advanced mandolin player looking to improve, Tim’s Mando Lessons offers you advanced music theory courses designed specifically for the mandolin.  High level technique exercises improve your right and left hand techniques so that you can truly play anything at any speed.

Improvisation lessons for Advanced students will focus on actual solos from actual songs on the Core Repertoire lists.  I’ll teach you a new improvisation concept and then use that concept in a real solo over one of the songs.  You can practice along with the video and absorb each new improvisation skill.

Reach for the stars - you can play ANYTHING on your mandolin!

Practice each new skill playing in time with real musicians.

You’ll all learn the same great repertoire from the lesson videos and get used to playing them with me on the Practice-Along Videos - then you’ll have songs we can all play together!

Here's What You'll Get with Membership

  • Full 24/7 Access to ALL of Tim’s Courses, videos, PDFs, downloadable audio Practice-Along tracks
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A with me and your fellow learners
  • Core Skills units in:
    • Right Hand Picking
    • Strumming Chords
    • Left Hand Technique
    • Music Notation Fundamentals
    • Music Theory Fundamentals
  • Sheet music with tablature for an ever-growing library of songs to learn, arranged by genre, easiest to hardest
  • A variety of musical styles:
    • Folk
    • Classic Rock
    • Irish Music
    • Klezmer Music
    • Brazilian Choro
    • Bluegrass
    • Fiddle Tunes
    • Classical Music
  • Individual courses covering an ever-expanding variety of topics
  • Tim’s Mando Lesson Community Forum

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And prepare to see vast improvements in your

playing and enjoyment of the mandolin!

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Tim's Mando Lessons offers you CONFIDENCE

I know it can be hard to decide what to actually do when you sit down to practice. Sometimes this even stops us from starting. Often we end up just playing through songs we know from top to bottom, moving on without actually improving.

Every lesson offers the student a clear to-do list for the week.  

  • Lesson Video with Tim
  • Printable PDF Sheet music and tablature
  • Right Hand Technique Focus
  • Music Theory Focus
  • “Practice-Along with Tim" Video
  • Makes knowing what to practice a breeze!

"I've always wanted to learn to read music, but keep putting it off."

  • Are you addicted to mandolin tablature (TABS)?
  • Have you always wanted to learn to read standard notation?
  • Do you still not know all of the note names on your mandolin?
  • Is a lack of music theory and notation knowledge slowing your progress?

Reading music notation is a valuable tool to fully understand music. Mandolin “tablature” (or “TAB”) has enabled many mandolin students to learn a lot of songs.  But without necessarily understanding music itself. 

The Core Skills Notation Unit features dedicated sight-reading videos divided into two areas: rhythm and melody.

Each melody lesson will introduce only a few new notes at a time.  This means you’ll be able to digest each new skill and be ready for the next one. You will quickly learn to translate notes on the staff to your mandolin. 

The specialized rhythm lesson videos help you internalize the new rhythms.  By playing each new rhythm along with me!

You'll learn songs from standard music notation right away.  You'll learn about music theory in every lesson.  And you'll finally end your addiction to mandolin tablature!

Frequently Asked Questions

Teach Your Mando to Sing!

Learn the secrets professional musicians use to learn new music so quickly.

Each Mandolin Mastery unit features a progressive music theory curriculum.  New theory tips and technique exercises come with each new song.

With Tim’s Mando Lessons, your mandolin will learn how to sing - you’ll learn right hand phrasing directly from me on the videos.

And are you familiar with these expressive techniques? 

  • Tremolo
  • Vibrato
  • Double-Stops
  • Palm Muting
  • Slides
  • Harmonics

Maybe not, but chances are you love hearing them used by your favorite mandolin players!  I’ve made detailed video lessons for each of these techniques so you can add spice to your playing.


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And prepare to see vast improvements in your

playing and enjoyment of the mandolin!

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