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About the program...

I’ve taught mandolin to thousands of students.   Private weekly lessons, music camps, professional conventions and online classes. I’ve developed a load of valuable method books, exercises and repertoire arrangements over the years.

With Tim’s Mando Lessons, I wanted to finally put it all in one place and offer access to YOU.  A one-stop shop for YOUR personal journey with the mandolin.                                                                                                                                                              --Tim Connell

About Tim...

Tim Connell has spent his career providing practical solutions to musicians of all backgrounds. His work has led him to a degree in Music Pedagogy from New England Conservatory, a multi-decade career teaching music to public school students and several noted collaborations with luminaries of the acoustic music scene.

Mandolin Courses at Tim's Mando Lessons

Mandolin Skill-Building Courses

Allen Mathews

"Tim Connell is more than just a mandolinist.  He's a superb all-around musician and teacher.  I've seen both him and his students play beautifully in varied contexts and styles.  Truly one of the best around today."

"Beyond Bluegrass" Mandolin by Genre

David Grisman
Acoustic Disc, David Grisman Quintet

"Tim's mandolin playing is always stellar. But he's a trained musician and educator as well. His reputation as an excellent mandolin teacher is well-earned and well-deserved."

Miscellaneous Mandolin Courses

Annual Membership at Tim's Mando Lessons

Do you feel like your playing’s got stuck?

If you’re like most musicians, you’ll hit a plateau after playing for a while.

You probably learned the basic chords for some favorite songs. From there you get to grips with more advanced chords and maybe experiment with rhythms a bit.

But, it’s not so obvious where to go from there. You know that there’s plenty more to learn, but what to learn next and how to learn it can feel like a mystery.

It’s completely understandable. Music is a vast topic that can feel overwhelming, so having an experienced guide is highly recommended.

What you need is an intentional course, a set path that starts at the basics and helps you put the ideas together.

Annual Membership offers you the chance to learn music and mandolin from the ground up, with exclusive access to my original, modern mandolin method in three book/video volumes.

You'll also get 24/7/365 access to every one of the 26 courses at Tim's Mando Lessons, so you'll always have the perfect resource close at hand when you need it.

And, finally, Annual Members get exclusive access to a Live Q&A Check-In with me every two weeks via Zoom.

Click below to learn more about the Annual Membership¬†option, or just shoot me an email anytime: [email protected]

Best wishes,

Tim Connell

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