Getting into Octave Mandolin Aug 01, 2022

Octave mando is just a bigger mandolin - all the notes, sheet music, frets, etc... are exactly the same, it's just bigger!

Octave mando is great for backing up your singing or accompanying Irish music.

Here are some simple first sounds that sound great!


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Music Tips: C Major Tricks Aug 01, 2022

The "All-Natural" Key of C Major

The key of C major is the only major key whose scale contains no sharps or flats, just the natural letter name notes.

C major is the key for which learned the notes in Book 2 of Mandolin Mastery. You know how to read the notes on the staff. And you know how...

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Musicianship Tip: What "In a Key" Really Means Aug 01, 2022


In the next unit of "Set Sail," you will learn songs that are all "in the key of C major."
In subsequent units, we will
switch keys to the keys of F major, A minor and, finally, Gmajor.

So, first, what does it mean to "be in the
key of" a particular note?

To answer this, I will simply...

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