Tim's Mando Lessons Free Online Mandolin Technique Training

Your Roadmap to Mandolin Mastery

Hosted by Tim Connell, master mandolinist and educator

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Let's stop and take stock together...

I'd like to invite you to step back from your mandolin for a couple of hours so that we can focus on technique and practice strategy. 

You will learn about the three most common obstacles to progress for mandolin students. And you’ll learn specific strategies for overcoming them.

This is a chance to step back and address the common problems we all face in learning to play the mandolin. 

You will leave the webinar armed with a clear pathway to success, offering you the confidence to re-invigorate your mandolin practice.

About the Presenter...

Hello, this is Tim Connell, I'm looking forward to working with you in my mandolin webinar training!

I have been playing and teaching Mandolin for over 25 years, it truly is my life’s work. I have played with Mike Marshall, David Grisman, Radim Zenkl and many other great musicians. 

Mandolin has taken me all over the world, from giant folk festivals here in the US to intimate gigs in Warsaw.

As well as playing great gigs, I have always been passionate about teaching.

I earned a Masters degree in Music Education from the New England Conservatory of Music. So as well as being an experienced musician, I have spent countless hours studying music pedagogy (i.e, approaches to teaching).

Having taught many musicians individually, I’m now taking my teaching online. I’m excited to help mandolin lovers from around the world master this fantastic instrument.

My education background means that this course isn’t a jumbled collection of song instructions. It draws on all my teaching skills to methodically build up your knowledge and skills.